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Innovating surfaces since 1984


Deco-Mica Ltd founded almost three decades ago by Mr. Vijay Agarwal. We began our journey with just one manufacturing unit and few distributors. Mr. Vikas Agarwal and Mr. Vishal Agarwal started establishing our premium brand Heritage Laminates, in 1998, our vision and commitment to quality facilitated our rapid growth. They helped us emerge as industry leaders, both within India and internationally. Heritage Laminate is the fastest growing manufacturer of High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) and decorative surfaces. It is a global brand with a global reputation that has developed not by accident but due to years of surpassing expectations. Our business partners and our customers have come to recognize our name as a testament to the highest quality, reliability, and aesthetics standards. However, steadfast faith in our products and an ever-growing network of partnerships fueled our expansion, and today, we boast of ten state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Our prodigious workforce of 2000+ employees and an expansive network of 30,000 dealers and retailers across 25 countries are ready to serve the ever-changing demands of the marketplace.


We are high-pressure laminate manufacturers. We stand for outstanding quality, innovation, and high-performance product solutions that can transform your imagination into reality. The aesthetic appeal of our products doesn’t detract from the product’s durability, sustainability, affordability, and ease of maintenance.

Heritage Laminate Surfaces produces a wide array of color options for extensive design possibilities. The variety of design options, from solid to pattern, wood grain, abstract, and makes our product ideal for the construction, furniture, interior design industries, and everyday homeowners. We only use the highest quality European, Japanese, and Korean design papers from world-renowned companies. We also use the highest quality craft papers. Our continued efforts toward the highest quality standards have brought us into compliance with BIS, FSC, and ISO 1400. In addition, our product conformity is equivalent to BS of the UK, NEMA of the USA, and is EN Certified.


Throughout our journey as a company, we have evolved and will continue to evolve. Nevertheless, our roots, ethics, and core will remain the same.


We at Heritage Laminate Surfaces aim to exemplify all of the possibilities for what a modern, 20th-century company can accomplish. Our connection to our customers is paramount, and in serving them, we aspire to provide elegant, beautiful, high-quality products that inspire them in all aspects of their lives. Additionally, we want tenure so that they feel the utmost confidence in our products and our company.


Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest places. Even if it is simply the inspiration of a product of exquisite elegance and beauty of giving a touch of the sublime on an otherwise gloomy day, we aim to inspire. We strive to grow and inspire others – our employees, customers, corporate partners, and even our competitors, to grow and foster an environment where innovation, creativity, and excellence benefit society. We wish to inspire such an environment where the workplace and the marketplace are areas that provide constant fulfillment and moral enrichment. We hope to inspire the industry to embrace its social responsibilities and environmental stewardship. This is our company’s mission. And this is what will continue to drive us.


Innovation does not come about merely by accident. It results from years of dedication and a focused approach, all devoted to fostering an environment where fresh ideas and inspiration can flourish. This has been our main goal since the founding of Heritage Surfaces. We invest heavily in research and development activities while promoting a culture of continuous reevaluation and improvement. Our company-wide initiatives toward process improvement have met with tremendous success. Our steadfast desire to promote promising ideas and eco-friendly products has pushed us to the forefront of the industry.


We consider every member of our team, including all partners in our supply chain, an invaluable resource for helping us in our goal of being the face of innovation and change in this industry. For this reason, we promote open communication and constant questioning of our approach. There is always a better way to do things, and we firmly believe that it is our job as a company to find such a way. In concrete terms, this culture of innovation can be seen in our regular addition of new product lines and our regular investments in new technology, helping not just with quality, cost-effectiveness, and design but also with sustainability. We are immensely proud of our achievements and will continue to strive for more.


Since its inception, Heritage Laminate Surfaces has placed quality at the center of its product development. For us, quality encompasses all aspects of the customer’s experience, from the first contact with our dealers to the usage of our product years after it has been sold. This holistic approach and commitment to ensuring a rewarding customer experience have allowed our company to establish its global reputation and leadership.


Our dedicated Quality Directors oversee all aspects of our supply chain, guaranteeing that this commitment to excellence never fades. In particular, the strictest quality standards are applied to all stages of our laminate production with constant monitoring and quality assurance. In addition, a seamless production line integrated with logistics and distribution helps maintain not just the quality of our final products but timely delivery and availability.


These efforts give us a constant edge over our competitors to satisfy our clients’ diverse needs. Indeed, our efforts have been acknowledged in our receipt of several industry quality standard certifications, including BIS, FSC, and ISO 1400. In addition, our product conformity is equivalent to BS in the UK, NEMA in the USA, and EN Certified.


The unrivaled success of Heritage Laminate Surfaces has allowed us to build a complex, interdependent network of partnerships, including materials suppliers, distributors, retailers, and end-users. By focusing on reliability and trust in our corporate affiliations, our network has maintained its stability while simultaneously expanding rapidly. We highly value our clients’ ideas and concerns, promoting open and honest communication throughout our supply chain. We believe that when there is synergy and commonality of purpose within our network, the ultimate beneficiary is the consumer. Our dedication to these goals has made us the preferred choice among architects, interior designers, contractors, and homeowners.


Our six strategic locations across India are well-situated to fulfill all of the complex demands of our traders and dealers, and our state-of-the-art logistics ensure reliable and timely delivery. Moreover, we set progressively higher manufacturing standards year after year, acquiring the latest, sustainable technology, allowing the finest products to be sold at the most economical prices, giving our dealers healthy returns.


Heritage Surfaces has set up an extensive distribution network and operates through marketing and representative offices. In addition, we have a network of 30,000 authorized dealers and retailers. Our strategically structured supply chain puts us in a unique position to sell our products on any shelf in any corner of India or across the globe.


Heritage Surfaces believes strongly that our responsibilities transcend the immediate needs of the market and that we should be judged by the extent to which we leave the world in a better condition than we inherited it. For this reason, we have always maintained environmental sustainability as one of the foremost objectives of our company. Moreover, as a company that has emerged as the market leader, especially in the developing world, our responsibilities are multiplied exponentially. We firmly believe that our leadership can inspire other companies to embrace the stewardship of this precious planet as a primary duty for a modern, 21st-Century company.


Our commitments start at the beginning of our supply chain, with sourcing done exclusively through suppliers who take our environmental commitments seriously. We are constantly pushing technological investments in our manufacturing capacity to ensure maximal efficiency in resource utilization. Our entire infrastructure adheres to the strictest health, safety, and environmental standards. These commitments are reflected in our many green technology certifications. In addition, Heritage Surfaces has been a strong advocate in the industry for sustainable forest management. Consequently, we have acquired the FSC (Forest Stewardship Certificate) certification for processed laminated paper boards through our policies and practices. We believe that this kind of leadership is necessary to help the industry embrace its social and ethical responsibilities.


Heritage Laminates provide you with a diverse range of laminating products that can transform your furniture into a piece of contemporary-looking art. It lends yours space with not just aesthetic appeal, but also long-term durability If it piques your interest, we recommend you take a look at our wide range of wood finished laminates to get inspired now. We also offer vibrant colours in laminations to enable your distinct identity to translate your own story. Our patterned sheaths are worth a look if you’re looking to craft your space creatively. Our commitment to best quality products in the market is what marks us as an industry pioneer, and a favourite of architects, designers and consumers.

Intune with evolving trends, our products are consistently tailored to the needs of our diverse clientele, with a particular emphasis on elegance. Our sheets provide an enviable scope for customization, but our product’s aesthetic appeal doesn’t diminish it’s durability, sustainability, affordability and ease of maintenance.

Add to the tranquility of your favourite space with surfaces that capture the charm of the woods. Heritage Laminates surfaces are the perfect choice to level up the look of any office or any part of your home.

Anyone who has seen the desert will know of its vastness and the regality it holds. With Heritage Laminates, you can add the same qualities to spaces and surfaces for a majestic look.

Imagine surfaces that make your spaces as enchanting as the magic of snow. Heritage Laminates brings you a wide array of exquisite decorative laminates to turn what you’ve imagined into reality.

Beauty is amplified when there is strength & sturdiness to accompany it! Heritage Laminates surfaces go beyond beauty and elegance. They offer the strength and robustness of the most formidable mountains, along with lifelike textures that make you go wow.

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