About Heritage Laminates

Heritage Laminates Founded in 1984. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we have expanded into 10 production units, production capacity of 35,000 sheets per day, 30,000 dealers & retailers network, 2,000+ employees, export in 25+ countries.

We at Heritage Laminates aim to be an exemplar of all of the possibilities for what a modern, 20th century company can accomplish. With our extensive product range from solid to pattern, wood grain to abstract and custom prints makes our product ideal for the construction, furniture and interior segment as well as everyday homeowners. Our continued efforts towards the highest quality standards has brought us into compliance with BIS, FSC, ISO 1400 and our product conforms equivalent to BS of UK, NEMA of USA and EN.

Our brand portfolio is consistently tailored to the needs of our diverse clientele with particular emphasis on elegance and simplicity. Their aesthetic appeal in no way detracts from our products’ durability, sustainability, affordability and ease of maintenance.

Vision & Values

Changing times require a change in thinking and action. Throughout our journey as a company, we have changed and will continue to change, but our roots, our ethics and our core will always remain the same. Our vision is as clear as our work ethics. Heritage Laminates stands for outstanding quality, exceptional service and high-performance product solutions.

Quality & Certification

Since its inception, Heritage Surfaces has placed quality as the centerpiece of its development.These efforts give us a constant edge over our competitors in terms of satisfying our clientele’s diverse needs. Indeed, our efforts have been acknowledged in our receipt of several industry quality standard certifications, including, BIS, FSC, ISO 9001 and our product conforms equivalent to BS of UK, NEMA of USA and EN Certified.


Heritage Surfaces believes strongly that our responsibilities transcend the immediate needs of the market and that we should be judged by the extent to which we leave the world in a better condition than we found it. For this reason, we have always maintained environmental sustainability as one of the foremost objectives of our company. Moreover, as a company which has earned a strong leadership role, especially in the developing world, we feel our responsibilities are multiplied exponentially.Heritage Surfaces has been a strong advocate in the industry for sustainable forest management. Consequently, through our policies and practices, we have acquired the FSC (Forest Stewardship Certificate) certification for processed laminated paper boards.